July, 2019 – News For You

In a recent email from Phase I, we’ve been informed of a couple items that are important for our owners to know about:

  1. A mother bear and two cubs were seen at the north end of Menonaqua Beach last Saturday. Please remember bears can be aggressive if they have babies. If you see them you should not approach them. Walk backwards away from them – do not turn y our back to them and do not run.
  2. A new security company, Allen Security, is providing security services to Harbor Cove between 3:00PM and 10:00PM daily. They will be patrolling on foot and by bike.
  3. Please do not hang materials (towels, swimsuits, etc.) on any railings in the complex. This is against Phase I rules and will result in a $100 fine for owners/renters who are found in non-compliance.
  4. New parking permits are being used this year, while they say “temporary” on them -they are not temporary, please be sure to leave them in your unit upon your departure.
  5. Please do not unplug the freeze alarms in the units, if you do, the battery will deplete and the Phase I staff will be alerted by a low battery alarm.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy your time at Harbor Cove.