Update from Harbor Cove Community Properties

This email was sent by the Harbor Cove Community Properties manager on 05-19-20 to get information to all Harbor Cove owners about upcoming opening of facilities at Harbor Cove.

“This is a longer email as there is a lot of information. All restrictions and openings are subject to change as we get directive(s) from our State government so please remember that as we move forward.

Community Center: Currently the Community Center is closed and all key cards have been turned off. Starting MONDAY, JUNE 1, key cards will be turned back on. The active hours will be Monday through Friday from 10:00am until 3:00pm. Entry into the Community Center is subject to mask wearing, 6 foot distance observation and only 2 people in the building at a time. The only area in the Community Center that is accessible will be the office, the book shelves and the mail folder. Temporary barriers have been installed. The great room, the kitchen, the bathrooms, observation room and the pool, hot tub and spa will remain closed until further notice. No reservations can be made at this time and no use of the facility other than to retrieve mail, get a book or get items from the office staff when needed. Wi-Fi can still be streamed from outside of the building. Hand sanitizer stations have been ordered and will be installed upon arrival.

Tennis Courts: Tennis nets are up and tennis courts are currently open. They will be sanitized daily. Tennis and pickle ball only are to be played on the courts. No wheels of any kind are allowed (bikes, roller blades, scooter, skate boards, etc.).

Playground: The playground will be open starting this week. It will be sprayed with disinfectant once daily. Please feel free to bring your own sanitizer if you wish.

Gas Grills at Community Center: The three gas grills are open. All grill brushes have been removed so you will need to bring your own.

Picnic Deck: The tables are out on the picnic deck. The tables are spaced outside of the 6 ft distance directive. The tables will be wiped down but please feel free to bring your own sanitizer and wipe before and after use.

The picnic tables at the Community Center are in place and can be used. They will be sanitized hourly starting next Friday (May 29)

Community Center Deck: The two tables at the Community Center deck are currently in place. These table are spaced outside of the 6 ft distance directive as well. Again, they will be wiped down but please feel free to bring your own sanitizer and wipe down before and after use.

Beach: The beach will be open this weekend (starting Friday). The gates will be down during the day. Please enjoy the beach and nice weather! The charcoal grills are open. The grill brushes and ash shovels have been removed. Please bring your own. Ash buckets are for ASHES only, no garbage or cans.

Beach House: The Beach House will be open next Friday – MAY 29. The only accessible part of the building will be the bathrooms and the emergency phone (if needed). Temporary barriers have been installed. All beach house furniture has been removed and no reservations will be taken for the summer. Again, the ONLY part of the building that can be used will be the bathrooms. Community Property Assistants will be cleaning/disinfecting the bathrooms once per hour. Hand sanitizer stations have been ordered and will be installed upon arrival. The picnic tables on the deck are still installed and can be used. They will be disinfected hourly but please feel free to bring your own.
Security will be starting next Friday (May 29) as well. Both Security and the CPA’s will be checking badges and parking passes so be sure to continue to use them or you will be asked to go back to your unit and get them. Building hours will be from 10:00am – 9:00pm. Fire pit will be extinguished and gates locked at 9:00pm. 

Outdoor Pool: We are planning on opening the Outdoor pool mid-June (a definite date will be coming as we get closer). All chaise lounge chairs have been removed. You are welcome to bring your own chair but please take it with you when you leave. Any chairs left behind will be disposed of. The bathrooms will be cleaned/sanitized hourly. Amenity badges will also still be checked as will vehicles in the parking lot (for parking passes). Hand sanitizer stations have been ordered and will be installed upon arrival.

In addition to the actions above, a disinfecting fogger has been ordered and each building will be fogged each morning.

Please be aware that all efforts will be made to keep you up to date and as directives change, so will the policies and openings. Please be flexible and understanding. Make sure all renters and guests are aware of these changes and policies. 

We are saddened to make these decisions but feel the health and safety of our Harbor Cove Community is paramount.”

Should you have questions you may contact the manager of Harbor Cove Community Properties at (231) 526-5766.