Selling or Renting Your HC Week

Marketing Your Timeshare at Harbor Cove

Harbor Cove Timeshare Owners’ Association is a non-profit Michigan corporation directed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The members of the Board of Directors are all Harbor Cove Timeshare owners and receive no compensation for their services. The Board operates under a specific set of by-laws, and is bound to follow those rules. Annual operating budgets are developed on a breakeven basis based upon all owners paying their maintenance fees.

Occasionally there are questions from owners as to the best methods to sell or better utilize their timeshare weeks. Timeshare ownership is bound by the legal process in Michigan concerning deeds, the same as home ownership. Except in rare cases, the Association itself is not involved in the sales process, as this is between an individual seller and buyer involving the issuance and acceptance of either warranty or quit claim deeds.

The Association also is not in a position to “take back” deeds from owners who no longer wish to possess their timeshare at Harbor Cove. It is solely the responsibility of the owner to market their property while maintaining “good standing” with the Association, by keeping all maintenance fees current and up to date.

It is in the best interest of all members of the Association to ensure that marketing ideas are presented to owners that wish to sell or better utilize their property. The purpose of this flyer is to provide some of those ideas.


  • JOIN A TIMESHARE EXCHANGE ORGANIZATION, SUCH AS RCI, AND EXCHANGE your time at Harbor Cove for a resort in alternate location and / or time. The RCI exchange program offers access to over 4,000 different resorts in locations all over the world. Many Harbor Cove owners are members of RCI and heavily utilize their exchange privileges to travel to many exotic places. Membership information for RCI can be found at on the internet at RCI.COM.
  • RENT YOUR PROPERTY, PERHAPS AT A PREMIUM FOR YOU. There are a few different avenues that owners often take in identifying people who may want to rent their weeks. Some of those methods include:
    • Asking a friend or relative if they are interested
    • Post ads on websites such as Craig’s List or Ebay
    • Contract with our managers, NME, to enroll in their rental program
    • Join a 3rd party rental service such as Vacation Rentals by Owners (contact Association for more details)
    • Post an ad on the Association website


    • For sale ads are posted on the Timeshare website. You must tell us if you want to post an ad.
    • An informational brochure for Harbor Cove Timeshare can be downloaded from our website. You can give this to prospective buyers (even post in public places with your contact information included).
    • A complete “For Sale” listing is included with every check in package for visitors at Harbor Cove. You must tell us, however, if you want your listing included on the flyer.
    • The website is maintained with a complete description of the Harbor Cove experience, as well as many pictures. Refer people to our website.
    • The Association is in the process of developing a Facebook page. You can “like” the page, place a comment, and make sure it is sent to as many people as possible.
    • Talk to a Harbor Springs real estate agent and potentially list your timeshare with them.
    • Place an online ad on Craig’s List, Ebay, or the like.
    • Utilize services created by the Association.
    • Place a Facebook posting (or similar social media) on your personal page as to what you have to offer.
    • If you have a unique week, such as high ski season or deer hunting season, contact local focus clubs in your area (such as a local ski club or conservation club) and post with them.
    • Consider donating or selling your property to a family member.
    • Consider donating your property to a charity organization (check first to make sure they can accept it).
    • Make sure you talk with our property managers, NME. Sometimes they hear of people wishing to buy.
    • Consider placing an ad in your local newspaper.
    • Consider renting your property until you can find a buyer. Remember that most people make their vacation plans several months in advance. You can’t wait until the last minute if you are to be successful in renting your timeshare