Harbor Cove Reminders

From the Manager:

Good afternoon Harbor Cove!

July 4th weekend went VERY well – THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for the cooperation!!

Some reminders:

1) TAKE YOUR AMENITY BADGE with you to the Beach and the Outdoor Pool EVERY TIME!

2) The ASH BUCKETS at the charcoal grills at the Beach are for ASHES ONLY. People seem to be throwing a large amount of garbage in the buckets, which starts fires and also makes a mess to clean up, not to mention leaving no place for the ashes to go.

3) There seems to be a LOT of personal items left at the Beach (strollers, chairs, etc.) overnight. We WILL be removing these items so be sure you take them with you. The Association is NOT responsible for the loss of these items.

4) There is still currently NO CPA on Saturdays so PLEASE continue to clean up after yourselves. 
Enjoy the beautiful weather and wonderful amenities your association has to offer!!!

All for now!