NEWS FOR WEEK 11/7/22 – 11/11/22

From the Manager:

The foundation crew has been working hard this week and we now have walls! The foam block you see in the photos will get cement poured in the center and the forms will then stay in place. This provides for insulation on both inside and outside of the cement, which Emmet County requires. This also allows for the cement to be poured even though we are facing some colder temperatures next week.

Regarding the topic of PARKING (overflow AND boat parking), it has been determined that until further notice, the parking area at the Community Center is NOT AVAILABLE.

PLEASE MAKE APPROPRIATE ARRANGEMENTS. There are only TWO spots available for each unit at the unit and there will be NO BOAT PARKING FOR 2023 summer. There is a car pool parking at the top of Page Hill on M-119 overlooking the airport and storage facilities in the area allow for boat/trailer parking in their locked lots. While the Board understands this is an inconvenience, there really is no other option. Please note this is temporary and as soon as it is feasible to allow parking, it will be permitted. Thank you for the understanding and cooperation.

I have put the Shutterfly website information below for reference. I will continue to update the website with financials, minutes and photos. [ See Owner Resources page for access info. ]