Harbor Cove Update 08/07/2020

From the Harbor Cove Manager:

Hello Harbor Cove Owners!

1) The ASH buckets at the beach House are for ASHES from the grills – these are NOT garbage cans. There are three LARGE garbage cans surrounding the Beach House plus a garbage dumpster in the parking lot. PLEASE use these instead of the ash buckets and please alert guests and renters of the same.

2) Security and Community Property Assistants are hired to check amenity badges. Please have one per party with you each day. It is not their responsibility to “remember” you or “know” who you are. It is your responsibility to have a badge with you each time you go to the beach or outdoor pool. Your cooperation and that of your renters/guests is greatly appreciated.

The Outdoor pool is still on schedule for the remarcite project beginning Tuesday, September 8, 2020. The last day the outdoor pool will be open is Monday, September 7, 2020. Please plan accordingly. The men’s bathroom partition arrived and has been installed. It looks much better in there!

Have a great weekend, enjoy the weather, stay healthy!